Intacap Pneumatic Tool Caps

Klassic Tool Crib is our newest distributor! We're listed as "Air Inlet Cap" under the "Hand Tools" section.

We are a designer and manufacturer of pneumatic tool accessories. Our product is the Intacap, an innovative product to protect pneumatic tools, enhancing performance and longevity.

Does the shop environment really have anything to do with the performance of your tools? Leaving pneumatic tools lying around the shop is a good way for dirt and grit to steal power and longevity from them. We all know pneumatic tools perform the best and last the longest in a clean room environment - but, of course, most shop environments are not perfectly clean. Even tools stored in a drawer collect airborne dirt and grime present in the shop. Regularly oiling, as recommended, and using filters are the usual methods to protect the tool while it is operating, but what about when it's not in use?

Sealing off the intake is one way to prevent airborne dirt, grime and moisture from deteriorating your tools. Intacap is designed to act as a barrier between the harsh shop conditions and the delicate power mechanism in the tool, and it is designed with the mechanic/hobbyist in mind. Intacap never leaves the tool, so you'll never lose it. It is made of a high quality material able to withstand almost any common shop conditions. It's also priced to be easy on your wallet. Intacap is made in the U.S.A., designed by people with real shop experience and manufactured with the highest standards of quality.

Cage Code # 31WX3
Duns # 119309032

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